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This bash command performs the following actions:

1. `cat config.yaml`: This command displays the contents of the file named `config.yaml`.

2. `|`: This is a pipe operator in bash, which takes the output of the command on its left (`cat config.yaml` in this case) and feeds it as input to the command on its right (`awk NF`).

3. `awk NF`: This command is an awk script that filters out lines with no fields. `NF` in awk stands for "Number of Fields". So, `awk NF` will print only those lines from the input where the number of fields is non-zero.

In summary, the command `cat config.yaml | awk NF` reads the contents of the `config.yaml` file, then filters out and prints only the lines that contain some content (i.e., lines that are not empty).

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